This Clock Keeps On Ticking

April 3, 2012

Talk about vintage...this Sanpan clock has been around a while. Assuming it was born around the same time as the very first Sanpan in 1958 (the very first aluminum pontoon boat in fact), we can safely say that this classic timepiece has ticked in the neighborhood of 28 million minutes. Just think about all the pontoons, all the designs, all the craftsmanship that has gone on under this clock. And think about all the generations of hard-working Americans who took time to make sure each boat was put together the right way before it left the plant, headed for dealerships out there somewhere. Headed for your family's dock. And think about all the memories that have been made over the years out on the water aboard one of our boats. We believe we build the best pontoons, and we take a lot of pride in that. But we are every bit as proud to be part of so many stories. Generations of great stories, funny stories, stories that help us remember where we came from. Stories that link us to families all around the world. We've been around for more than 50 years. And in all that time, throughout all those 28 million minutes, one thing hasn't changed. We want the next boat — maybe your boat — to be the best one we've ever put together. We're just as committed to quality and innovation today as the very first time someone climbed up on that beam in the factory and hung this clock for everyone to see. But maybe it's not just a clock. Maybe it's a time machine.